New Year and bids arrive for summer 2018

New Year and bids arrive for summer 2018


Catamaran rental, the perfect plan for the holidays this summer 2018.

Several studies carried out by experts affirm that it is fundamental to take a vacation a year to disconnect from our everyday life, that is why in this new year 2018 we want to offer our clients a quality service with the most requested destinations.

One of our favorite destinations is the Caribbean, you can live an extraordinary experience enjoying your vacation with the Caribbean catamaran rental, contemplating exceptional views, typical festivals in the area, among other leisure activities.

In 2018 we want you to discover different destinations and for this we offer several options such as catamaran rental Tórtola, catamaran rental Polynesia, catamaran rental Tahiti, catamaran rental Taiatea, catamaran rental Seychelles, catamaran rental Mahe, rental Catamaran Turkey and catamaran rental Bodrum.

Greece is one of the most idyllic destinations, not forgetting the beautiful landscapes of Croatia, where you can sail its waters aboard a catamaran charter Croatia, also for its cities with catamaran rent Trogir and catamaran Split, catamaran rental Greece and for its islands with the catamaran Kos and catamaran Corfu.

And our star destination, the paradisiacal Balearic Islands, we offer you to stroll between islands with our Balearic catamarans, Mallorca catamarans, Minorca catamarans, Ibiza catamarans, and Palma de Mallorca catamarans.
Do not miss your holidays and take advantage of our news and discounts for this new year 2018!